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Ben Carson’s Bold Parallel: Trump and Biblical King David

On a recent Fox News segment, Ben Carson drew an unexpected parallel between former President Donald Trump and the biblical King David, one of the most revered figures in Judeo-Christian scripture. During a discussion with Neil Cavuto, where Trump’s personal conduct was a point of contention, Carson invoked the story of King David, notably his transgressions with Bathsheba, to illustrate his point that flawed individuals can still be used for a higher purpose.

“God uses different people for different times,” Carson stated, suggesting that despite personal failings, significant leadership can still emerge. His comments surfaced amidst heightened U.S.-Israel relations, particularly over the Israel-Hamas conflict, bringing an additional layer of complexity to his comparison.

Carson, who has been known for his bold analogies, maintained that while the title ‘king’ might not be the best fit, Trump’s policies themselves held merit. This isn’t the first time Carson has intertwined biblical references with political commentary; his previous statements have included controversial takes on the separation of church and state.

While Cavuto seemed taken aback by the comparison to King David, those familiar with Carson’s style might find this blend of biblical and political discourse in line with his history of unconventional rhetoric. His endorsement of the former president is consistent with his pattern of aligning scriptural narratives with contemporary political figures.


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