Chris Varkpeh wins at the Black Business Ball

A standing ovation to Chris Varkpeh, the embodiment of humility, gratitude, and sheer diligence. He isn’t just reaching for the stars; he’s building galaxies in the world of entrepreneurship.

From Forbes 30 Under 30 to Forbes BLK, Varkpeh is a testament to what’s possible when you blend vision with unwavering effort. Not only is he the proud owner of over five businesses, but his influence extends to intentional collaboration and networking that ignites inspiration and sparks positive change.

Varkpeh’s list of accomplishments reads like an epic novel. “Top 10 Food and Business Owner,” “Influential Business Leader 2023,” and so much more. He’s not just a business leader; he’s a force of nature.

This victory is just one chapter in a story that’s destined for greatness. Let’s celebrate and look forward to more incredible achievements in the future. Chris Varkpeh, you’re the hero of the night


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