Leonard Searcy

Leonard Searcy, the founder of Westbone Productions, is at the forefront of creating a more equitable ecosystem in the entertainment industry. His company is dedicated to fostering diversity and inclusion through networking, training, and providing access for BIPOC talent and crew. Born and raised in north Minneapolis, Searcy’s early experience with stage fright during a school play didn’t deter him. Instead, it led him to rediscover his passion for the performing arts while studying business at Minneapolis College, setting him on a path to becoming a producer, director, and award-nominated actor known for his role as John Donaldson in “39 Seconds.”

Westbone Productions champions the power of storytelling and community to drive change, hosting signature events like The Mixer and The ReMix to connect emerging filmmakers with industry professionals. These events are designed to showcase diverse voices and foster connections that bridge industry gaps for future generations. Searcy’s commitment to disrupting the traditional media landscape extends beyond these events, as he aims to inspire a new generation of creatives to pursue their dreams with the necessary support and opportunities. Through his work, Leonard Searcy is not merely producing content; he’s building a legacy of inclusivity, innovation, and community engagement that aims to reshape the industry for the better.


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