Positive mind hack of the week 

“When it rains think about rainbows, when its dark think about the stars.”

Gently nudge your thoughts towards optimism. Hurt happens, no matter who you are, its something you can not run from! But you can not allow that hurt to overtake your thoughts! Its important to acknowledge the hurt but don’t let it consume you. Allow yourself to feel it, process it and then make a conscious decision to focus your mind on healing and rebuilding. Life comes to us in waves moments, It can be happy moments or it can be sad moments, but we can’t allow one sad moment to linger in our minds for a lifetime.

Start to reclaim your thoughts by redirecting the negative ones. For every negative thought, think of 4 positive ones! Muscles are formed when life gets heavy. So let’s focus on the muscles we’ve gained, yes it was painful to form, but it took strength, endurance and determination to push through that pain to form them!

Chin up! Chest out!! You got this!!

-Rockie Marie (The hood’s therapist)

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